Parking Partners

We were born two decades ago in response to requests from property companies for a specialised parking partner to work on all aspects of their parking and infrastructure; from shaping the brief for their asset and the customer offer to management delivery.

We advise the owners of over 100 major-facility car parks on how to optimise their management.Additionally we have a catalogue of development consulting work on the parking element of 70 major UK properties over 15 years. We believe this demonstrates our capabilities. From our client feedback our ability to add value is second to none.

We advised on Westfield’s entire UK development programme, including advice on catchment and a £400M S106 obligation.We integrated the estates of the early leisure and then residential-led mixed use schemes,developing the technology and contracts for handling this; which is now needed for a post-clamping world.

We audit, improve and deliver against existing in-house, contracted out, or managed services and optimise engineer's and architect's designs. We ensure every transaction is legal and the client’s income arrives as budgeted each day and month - for e.g.with the assets of British Land and Development Securities - and have deconstructed numerous failed management contracts and leases. We trialled and created much of what is now standard in the industry and are always working on the next steps with different assets and in different sectors. What are we working on now? Call us to find out!







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